Nutanix sizer login loop

  • 10 June 2024
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Dear Support,

My problem is that i would login to the website, the login window looping.

I have a valid registration and a certifiace as well.

One of my collague has the same problem.


Thanks for your help.


Bálint Schlenker

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6 replies

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Hi Balint,

Are you using trial version of Sizer? If yes, after 90 days the trial version expires and you need to register again to access Sizer. We are in the process of showing appropriate error message when this situation is encountered. 



Dear Arun,

We works at a Systems integration company, we ha Deal registrations, and i have NCP-MCI, could you pls help me how can i use your support site, and the sizer as well?


Thanks :) 




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Can you please email

An e-mail was sent to you.

Anyone else answered with two links. It’s not helps me!

“Hi Bálint,


If you are looking forward to product support you can refer this link:


If you want to get start with using Sizer, you can refer this link:


Let me know if you need further assistance.”



Thanks we started a partnership query. It will resolve all of our problems.