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  • 30 July 2020
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Collector Portal is the cloud version of the Collector desktop version offering a lot more in terms of features and capabilities.

Collector Portal is an online repository for storing collections, creating projects for viewing, analyzing the collected data, and eventually sizing the collected data in the SIzer

The portal also allows for collaboration/sharing of the data/analysis between stakeholders for more informed sizing. You can also revisit/track old sizings/collections and regenerate the analysis/graphs for the data at a later point in time.


Collector Portal Navigation

  • Login

Open in your browser. Click My Nutanix Login to logon to the application. You can use your Nutanix login to connect with the application.


  • Sidebar

After a successful login, you will see the sidebar on the right side of the Collector Portal dashboard . The sidebar has important information such as the number of projects and collections associated with the user who is logged in. The sidebar also provides the links to navigate each of the pages in the application. Specifics of each of the pages are explained in detail in the guide.


  • Summary page

Once you logon to the application, the Summary page opens up. The Summary page is where all the main actions that you can perform in the application are available. These are explained in detail in the guide.

Some key terms in the application are Collections and Projects.


  • Uploading a new collection


  1. Click Upload button on the top right corner of the Collection Summary Page.The following pop-up window appears.

  2. Name the project being created from the collection.

  3. Upload the zip file that is generated from the tool here.The supported zip version that can be uploaded is version 2.2.1 and above.

  4. On uploading a collection, a project is also created that reflects all the data from the collection that is uploaded. This is the default project.

  • Creating a Project



  1. Click Create button to create and view projects.You can choose to create a project from existing collections or to upload a new collection.
    The following pop-up window appears.


  1. Type in the new Project Name.

  2. Under Collections, select Select from the existing collections radio button to select from existing list of collections, or , You can sort the collections based on name and date created.

  3. Under Collections, select Upload new collection radio button to upload a new collection and create a project. The procedure is the same as Uploading a new collection procedure explained earlier.


  • Download

Additional information along with the link to download the Collector Desktop application is located on this page. You can access the Download tab either through the Summary page or through the sidebar.


  • Quick Access

The Summary Page has the Quick Access section that allows you to view the most recent projects and collections. You can click View All button to list all the collections and projects that have been created.


Portal user guide link: Nutanix Collector Portal User Guide


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