Nutanix Collector Features

  • 14 August 2020
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What is Nutanix Collector ?

It is a desktop application that collects cluster statistics from your VMware or Prism cluster. This output can then be viewed in Nutanix collector or can be downloaded as an Excel file. You can then upload these Excel files into Nutanix Sizer to size and predict future workloads or just to collect statistics on current usage.

Nutanix collector enables you to collect data in following methods: 

You can choose between:

  1. Data center/Cluster or All entities registered to vCenter

  2. Single Cluster or all entities registered to Prism Central 


What you need in order to install:

You can install Nutanix collector on your desktop and then connect to either vSphere or Prism to collect statistics.

  1. Log in to Nutanix portal and download Nutanix collector desktop application package from Downloads>Essential Tools

  2. Install the package on your desktop


What you can see:

The Clusters Summary tab displays the configuration details and performance metrics of the clusters including the number of powered on and powered off VMs, and the guest OS running on these VMs.

The Performance data tab displays the VM utilization, CPU utilization and memory utilization, disk usage rate, and network usage rate of the last 7 days of the cluster.

The Host Summary tab displays the details and performance data of the last 7 days of the host you selected. You can see the performance data of the CPU, memory, and disk usage of the host. You can also view the type and quantity of HDD and SSD attached.

On VMs Summary tab, you can customize the graphs to display the CPU and memory utilization in the Median, Average, or Percentile formats.


You also have the option to download the output as an Excel file. 

Currently, as an alternative to RVTools, the collector output can be imported into Sizer for sizing your current or future needs. This is a great tool as SE can use Sizer to predict future workloads or access cluster needs proactively. 

Check out the Nutanix Collector user guide for more detailed steps on how to use Nutanix Collector.


  1. Talk to your SE about Nutanix Collector and Sizer.

  2. Nutanix Collector Portal User Guide 

Collector portal is the cloud version of the collector desktop version which offers a lot more in terms of features and capabilities.


Psst, there is a CLI version of the collector. :sunglasses:


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