Cannot revert VM from recovery point on Prism Central

  • 3 August 2023
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I have attempted to create a VM recovery point on Prism Central and revert it from the recovery point. However, I am getting an info-level message that the recovery point is degraded and that the recovery Point for VM failed to capture associated policies and categories because the network name is not available for the VM.

The VM revert task also does not seem to have been executed as there is no event confirming success. The VM is created from a blueprint that is part of a project with a configured VPC, and I have already verified that there are no issues in connection between PC and PE. May I know possible reasons for why this is happinening and how I might resolve this? I have consulted the link but it seems to be targeted at VMs running on ESXi, our VMs run on AOS/AHV. Thanks!


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Hey @Phianne Calista 

Please open support case for the same, so the issues can be diagnosed by SRE for RCA.