CALM blueprint editor - user-modifiable field setting does't stick

  • 22 February 2024
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When setting up my blueprints, i want to lock down most of the configuration to prevent user error. I basically only want a user to be able to adjust the cores, RAM, and size of the data disk. So, i’m clicking the running-person icons to set them to black, meaning not-user-changeable. However, when i Save the change, it goes back to blue. I can’t get the user modifiable/not-modifiable config to stick. Am i missing something here? Thanks!


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This has started to stick now; it’s been a while and i’m not sure what i did to fix it, but i’ve been going through many iterations of the ‘prints, cloning them each time in the process. At one time i did remove all of the disks and re-added them, I’m not sure if that did the trick. But it’s all sticking where I want it to and hiding/disabling the fields that i don’t want to be editable.