Automating SOC processes with CALM

  • 1 September 2021
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Hi Experts,

Continuing from above thread as it is in closed state now.

I would like to know if same can be achieved with below firewall/security components are deployed at customer premises with Nutanix infra.

Sophos UTM SG450 - Version 9.707-2
Sophos UTM Manager Version 5
PALO ALTO 850 - Version 9.1.10


Looking for some direction and supportive to move ahead.


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3 replies

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as @JoseNutanix  pointed out 

If the security devices have an API, you can use Calm EScript tasks. If they don’t but have a CLI, then you’ll have to check if using Endpoints Calm is able to connect via SSH to them. Calm requires SFTP enabled in the remote device. Not all the times this approach works due to security enforcement enabled in those devices


Thanks @charan-49230 @JoseNutanix 

I would like to know if there are any documentation, guides available where in similar kind of deployment carried out with the help of Calm. This will give me good direction.

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@Jitendra Ingale  There is no documentation based on the products you specified. In calm market place, we have palo alto blueprint in market place, you can clone and check the scripts to get a idea on how calm can do it.