Announcing Calm SaaS General Availability

  • 19 April 2021
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Nutanix® Calm is an application orchestration solution that our customers use to deliver infrastructure and applications to their end business units. With the Calm marketplace, IT teams can create a self-service portal for their operations and developer teams. Likewise, with Calm, the end-user can start, stop, and scale an application based on their requirements and team roles, freeing up cycles from the IT team.

At Nutanix, we are all about your freedom of choice: from hypervisors, to hardware, to clouds. Calm blueprints today can deploy applications and services not only on on-prem hypervisors, but also on popular public clouds, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP. Calm decouples applications from their underlying infrastructure and harmonizes operations across cloud environments. But until now, these capabilities were only available to customers running on Nutanix AOS, our powerful, software-defined HCI platform.

We are excited to announce General Availability of Calm SaaS (see sign up details below). Calm SaaS expands access to Calm features to customers who don't have Nutanix AOS. Calm SaaS is a ready to use, fully managed offering, without the need to create, install, or manage any private cloud HCI software. With Calm SaaS, users can now access Calm features such as self service, automation, and Infrastructure as Code, as a Software as a Service model.

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