X-Ray 3.10.1

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X-Ray 3.10.1

X-Ray 3.10.1 is out and ready for download.

X-Ray is an automated testing framework and benchmarking application for enterprise-grade datacenters. The X-Ray testing framework is a downloadable virtual machine (VM) with a user interface and complete documentation. Once installed, X-Ray can test and analyze several different systems and report comparable information for your use.

X-Ray provides test scenarios for hyperconverged platforms that demonstrate variations in areas such as performance, data integrity, and availability.

This version is primarily a bugfix release with the following important updates:

  • Nutanix systems with NVME devices target addition issue fixed.
  • Setting IPMI to None no longer raises an issue on vSphere clusters that don’t have IPMI configured.
  • User is now informed when the incorrect out of band management protocol is used.
  • Occasional test hangs due to pulse data fixed.
  • Version reporting in the UI is fixed.

Download and give it a try today. Join the discussion in the X-Ray community forums and learn how others are using it.

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