Prism Central pc.2022.1

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Prism Central pc.2022.1

Prism Central is the native control plane user interface unified across multiple Nutanix clusters.

Please review the release notes before deployment for all products

Here are some highlights from the Prism Central release.

New and Updated Features | pc.2022.1

Category-based Host affinity policy

This release introduces the support for defining the VM-Host affinity policy in Prism Central using categories. This feature enables you to easily manage affinities for a large number of VMs. In case of any change (addition or removal) to the list of affined hosts, you only need to update the category of the host and this internally updates the affinity rule for all the affected VMs. The minimum supported versions for VM-Host affinity policy are version 6.1 for AOS and version 2022.1 for Prism Central.

AHV VM templates

This release introduces the VM templates feature for AHV VMs. The feature enables you to create and manage a master copy of a VM that you can use to deploy multiple VMs across clusters. A template includes the guest operating system, VM configuration (that may include multiple disks), and all the applications installed on the VM. You can maintain multiple versions of a template. The feature also enables you to upgrade the guest operating system of the template.
The minimum supported versions for AHV VM template feature are 5.19.2 for AOS and 2022.1 for Prism Central. See Prism Central Guide for more information about the feature.

Dark Theme on Prism UI

This feature extends the Prism themes feature to support a darker theme. Selection of the Dark Theme in the UI sets a dark background with high contrast view of the Prism UI background. The UI changes cosmetically to reflect the selection. See Modifying UI Settings in the Prism Web Console Guide for more information.

Storage Container Management

This feature extends the existing storage container management in Prism Element to Prism Central. The functionality helps the users to create, update, delete the Storage Container through Prism Central. The storage containers in Prism Central operate on all instances of the Prism Element registered to the Prism Central, requiring the user to select a cluster during the create operation. See Storage Management in the Prism Central Guide for more information.

Please review the release notes before deployment for all products

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