Nutanix Files 3.8

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Nutanix Files 3.8

Nutanix Files 3.8 is out and ready for download.

Nutanix Files (Files) lets you share files in a centralized and protected location to eliminate the requirement of a third-party file server.

Files uses a scaleout architecture that provides file services to clients through the Server Message Block (SMB) or Network File System (NFS) protocol. Files consists of one or more file server VMs (FSVMs) combined into a logical file server instance sometimes referred to as a Files cluster. You can create multiple file server instances within a single Nutanix cluster.

Files creates a volume group (VG) for every FSVM to provide stable storage for persistent states and audit events. During a service outage, the states, storage, and events of a VG fail-over to another FSVM.

Features and Updates | Files 3.8

  • Smart Disaster Recovery (DR): Smart DR is a share-level data protection service available through the Files Manager on Prism Central (PC). Smart DR includes an overview of protected file servers and shares, options to create and manage protection policies, and dashboards for reviewing replication jobs. The Files Manager User Guide provides a description of Smart DR capabilities and configuration procedures. Smart DR requires the Files Manager 2.0.
  • Improvements to Load-Balancing Recommendations: Before initiating performance optimization, a dialog-box message prompts you to acknowledge the impact of load-balancing operations on existing client connections. When possible, perform load-balancing operations during maintenance windows, as scaleout and rebalancing disrupts existing connections.
  • LCM Upgrade Support for the Files Manager: Upgrade the Files Manager using the Life-Cycle Manager (LCM). For upgrade instructions, refer to the Life-Cycle Manager Guide.
  • Support for Solaris 10 with the NFSv3 Unmanaged Protocol: Nutanix has qualified the use of the Oracle Solaris 10 operating system with the NFSv3 protocol and unmanaged authentication.
  • Support for NFS v4.1 and NFS v4.2: Nutanix has qualified the use of NFS versions 4.1 and 4.2 for Files.
  • Support for SMB3 Directory Leasing: Directory leasing can improves performance on SMB sessions. SMB clients cache the directory content on the client side and reduce round-trips of SMB requests.
  • File Name Pattern Blocking: The file blocking feature includes options to block files based on part of a file name or extension, a single-character match, or a multi-character match. See the "File Blocking" section in the Nutanix Files Guide for more details.
  • Connected Shares Under Distributed and Nested Shares: You can submount shares under distributed or nested shares. Previously, connecting shares required submounts under standard shares. Connecting distributed shares distributes data across FSVMs.

Download Nutanix Files today and join the discussion happening in the Nutanix Files discussion forums, it’s always best to learn from others in the community.

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