Karbon 2.3 Released

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Karbon 2.3 Released

Nutanix is excited to announce the release and general availability of Karbon® 2.3 Kubernetes management software!

Karbon 2.3 is packed with exciting new features and enhancements, as well as a number of fixes to enhance the customer experience. We will be highlighting a couple of features in this article but for more detailed information check the release notes.

  • Kubernetes 1.20 Support: Kubernetes version 1.20 is now officially supported by Karbon. Users can now deploy this version using the Nutanix® single-click approach and unlock all of the new features that come with this Kubernetes release. Existing Kubernetes clusters can also be upgraded to Kubernetes 1.20. 
  • Nodepools: The resource requirements for workloads on Kubernetes clusters are constantly evolving. Karbon 2.3 allows users to add nodepools to deployed Kubernetes clusters. This allows for node pools to be added with different resource configurations offering more flexibility in scheduling pods on different node types (CPU heavy, memory heavy, etc.).
  • New CSI Version: Karbon 2.3 by default installs the latest Nutanix CSI driver allowing users to consume the Nutanix platform (including Nutanix Volumes or Nutanix Files™ storage) immediately after deploying a Kubernetes cluster.
  • The Nutanix CSI driver will use certificate based authentication (when used in conjunction with Karbon), removing the need to store credentials inside the Kubernetes cluster.
  • Dedicated Network for Storage Traffic: Starting from Karbon 2.3 the Nutanix CSI storage traffic can be isolated on a dedicated network. This isolation can be VLAN or physical separation.
  • UI Support for Kubernetes Upgrades: Prior to Karbon 2.3, Kubernetes upgrades were only possible via the Karbon command line interface (karbonctl). Karbon 2.3 now allows users to upgrade Kubernetes versions via the Prism Central™ UI.
  • Security Fixes and CIS Benchmarks: In Karbon version 2.3, we also improved the overall security posture of the Kubernetes stack by meeting a greater number of CIS benchmarks. In addition we released a new Node OS (1.1) version fixing a large number of CVE’s.

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