Upgrade paths - how to verify

  • 17 February 2020
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Did you know there is a native Nutanix tool available to verify the upgrade path for AOS, Nutanix Files and Prism Central?


Support Portal > Documentation > Upgrade Paths

  • See the Compatibility Matrix for AOS version - Hypervisor support.

  • AOS follows the Long Term Support Release (LTS) and Short Term Support Release (STS) tracks. Please refer to KB#5505 for more details on LTS/STS model.

  • To view AOS EOL versions, please visit here.

  • To view upgrade paths for old AOS releases, please visit here.

  • To view software compatibility, please visit here.

  • If Prism Central is registered to the cluster then Prism Central needs to be upgraded before you upgrade AOS

Link to the Upgrade Paths

We have also described what to expect during the upgrade and how to map out the sequence of upgrade components in the .NEXT community posts:

.NEXT: All things considered — upgrade sequence and preparation guidelines

.NEXT: Upgrades. Yay, not again! How to upgrade Nutanix Files.

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