Objects Sizing & HA

  • 16 August 2023
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We are looking to take an application which is currently running in AWS using S3 storage and deploy it on-prem on Nutanix.

So I'm looking at Nutanix Objects, not because we need massive scale or throughput (a few TB and a few operations per sec), but simply so we get an S3 interface so don't need any application changes.

However high availability is important, the service needs to stay up through VM crashes, node failures, upgrades etc.

I can't seem to find any advice on sizing or much specifics about HA in the docs.

Going through the create object store wizard, if I select 2 worker nodes I get only one load balancer which is presumably a single point of failure, when you get to 3 worker nodes you get 2 x LBs. So would I be correct that 3 x workers & 2 x LBs is the minimum HA setup? This wants a total of 104GB & 34 cores which feels massively excessive for a small deploy.

Any advice is appreciated.




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Hi Tim,

You are correct, for such small deployment the setup will be overkill, but Nutanix Object enterprise grade private S3 storage. Small deployments are generally used for test where availability is not much of concern.