Karbon cluster IP

  • 25 January 2022
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Hello folks!

I just signed up for a SaaS test of Nutanix Karbon. After creating the cluster and downloading the kubeconfig, I see it gives me an IP 172.31.x.x:443


After downloading the kubeconfig file and running a kubectl get nodes, it times out because it can’t reach the cluster IP

What should I do in order to expose the cluster IP and try installing/running our applications on Karbon?

3 replies

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I guess with SaaS you mean that you are using Nutanix Test Drive. As the experience should mention, you have to download and run the kubectl commands from the workstation part of the Test Drive experience and not from your personal computer.

As you saw, the IP you got in the KUBECONFIG file is a private IP that won’t be reachable from the Internet, hence the reason for having a workstation where you can run the kubectl commands. 

Thats right

So is there a way to expose the Kubernetes API externally, so we can really test it?

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No, there is not. 

As an alternative you can use Nutanix Community Edition available in this site, or contact your Nutanix representative team to help you with a proof of concept.