How to Karbon configure

  • 15 July 2019
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I'm testing Karbon.
I'm very basic level.
I can't make it through the karbon configure testing, so I'll ask you for help.

I've upgraded Karbon to the latest version through LCM.
After that, I set it up through "Create Kubernets Cluster."
That's the problem from here.

In the end, an error occurs in the "Deployment Failed" status section.
Deploying 8% has an error.

I looked up various information. I looked it up, and I think you should setting Proxy http and ERCD.
How can setting?

Please explain in detail the reason why Karbon can't be distributed.

Thank you.

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6 replies

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DHCP and DNS settings are missing.
I finished the test.
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Hi @Hong glad you managed to get this sorted. Always good to see someone come back with the resolution.
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Hi @Hong

What DHCP and DNS setting are you referring too as I'm having exactly the same issue. Is this settings in the vm network vlan you're referring to, i.e. nutanix managed the IP?


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I created a DHCP network for Virtual Networks in "Prism -> Settings->Network Configuration".

DNS IP information, Domain name information was included in this DHCP "Virtual Networks" setting.
Then, i setting this DHCP-only Virtual Network in Karbon, and it was successful.
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great thanks @hong will give that a go
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my issue ended up being prism central time not syncing correctly and was out by 10 minutes causing the install to fail with a TLS certificate invalid. Once I corrected the time issue, cluster installed aok!