Select disk to snapshot in Data Protection for AHV-Based VMs

  • 10 November 2023
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For a new customer we currently configure the data protection context from the production cluster to a DR cluster.

The customer want to reduce the storage sizing by selecting which disks on the VMs that will be replicated.

Is it possible ? I don’t find anything about this on official documentations.

Thanks and best regards.

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2 replies

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Data protection is based on the Virtual Machine & Volume Group, one option is to move excluded data to Volume group and protect only the VM. incase VG protection required you can add it. 

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Dear lleuba86,

Due to the way Nutanix snapshots works it does not utilize much space form storage pool, you can have visibility from Prism Storage tab on how much size snapshots are utilizing based on that you can take action or expand the cluster if required.