LEAP implementation Question

  • 7 September 2021
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We are in the process of setting LEAP in our environment. We have a Nutanix three node cluster that contains our Production VM’s. We have another Nutanix three node cluster that is going to be used for DR. Right now this DR cluster doesn’t have any VM’s on it besides the Controller VM’s. Currently the DR cluster is located in the same data center as the Production cluster. Our plan is to move the DR to a different data center. What I’d like to be able to do is setup LEAP and have everything replicate prior to moving the DR cluster to the new datacenter. This would allow the process to replicate over our LAN instead of the WAN. Is it possible to set up LEAP to do replication locally like this and then once we move the DR cluster to the new data center, reconfigure LEAP so that it points to the DR cluster. The DR cluster will also be reassigned new IP addresses once it moves to the new data center.

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