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  • 29 May 2020
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I created a replication rule in nutanix. I did not understand a topic. keep the last snapshots for remote office in Schedule area. Leave it blank and choose 1 or 3. For which scenario should I use this place? this option creates my return point.

Another question is this; I have a thin disk 100 gb virtual server. It takes up space in the snapshot replication rule. How much snapshot space does it have a calculation for?





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Hi @Dotex 

“Keep the last snapshots” is the number of snapshots to retain in circulation before ageing the oldest. For example, 3 snapshots with an hourly schedule would mean that there would be snapshots for the past 3 hours and when the fourth snapshot is taken the first one would be aged and merged to the baseline.

Not sure if I understand your second question correctly, Assuming that you’re looking to estimate the size of the snapshot of that particular server. The answer is the same as with any platform really: the more changes take place the more the size of the snapshot is.

Essentially snapshot is a tracker of storage block changes. Instead of overwriting them into the original disk, they are written to the snapshot file so that if required a recovery is possible. The more storage blocks are changed, the more data is written to the snapshot file.

For example, a rebuild of the database on an SQL server (or merging of logs or local DB backup) generate a lot of changes hence the size of the snapshot can grow substantially.

Let me know if that helps, please.