Backup options for Nutanix AHV VMs to VMware ESXi?

  • 20 July 2021
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Looking to protect VMs running in production on Nutanix AHV to a DR site running Non-Nutanix VMware ESXi hardware. Currently VEEAM seems to only support “Instant Recovery” to vmware. Which seems to mean the VM is running from the backup file. I suppose at this point you could vmotion to permanent storage. Unfortunately there’s no way to know how slow this will be even if the backup repository was on the same san. Curious if there is any other backup software that makes this process a little more direct, or if anyone had expereince with this type of recovery. Thanks in advance.

Currently looking at: CommVault; HYCU, scripting exporting and importing disk files, praying nothing ever breaks, crying.  

3 replies

Hi DesiL,

We are in the same boat the moment, have a Single block 4 Node Cluster which is used for Live VM / Business production. Using Veeam for VM Backups to NAS Storage but investigating DR options to non nutanix Hardware - EG : HPE Gen 10 Server (Bare Bone)  

Wondering if possible to run up Nutanix CE on HPE Server, then use built in Asyncronous Replication between the live cluster to the CE cluster. Although CE is not meant for live production of course, interally for as a warm DR Storage Infrastructure, it could be an option.


DesiL what you are asking for is part of Nutanix already, please watch:


then later read the article.

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What you’re looking at does exist for Veeam as well:


“You can immediately restore virtual or physical machines into a Nutanix AHV cluster by running it directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup files. Instant Recovery feature helps improve recovery time objectives, minimize disruption and downtime of production VMs.”