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  • 26 February 2017
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Hi everyone, considering AHV hypervisor, which are the possible options to backup the virtual machines? As far as I know, the only certified backup software is commvault... but I was wondering if AHV/prism can do vm-level backup and which are the features (guest/application consistency, possibility to file level restore ecc....) and differences compared to Commvault. Thank you

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3 replies

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Only 3rd party backup today is commvault.
AHV can do hardware-based snapshots with VSS and replicate them to 2nd site. The 2nd site can be our 1155 which is 1 node system. File level restore works as well in AHV but there is no indexing. You can have different retention policy on the local and the remote cluster.
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Thank you! So can you confirm me that 1155 could be the replication and backup target from AHV (and maybe vmware) and there isn't the possibility to use an alternative repository destination for backup (for example a 3rd party NAS) unless the use of Commvault?
Thank you again
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the 1155 is a one to one relationship, if you want to backup mutiple clusters you can use a cluster of storage only nodes. you can use other third party software put it would have to be with agents today.