NDB Oracle single instance fails at snapshot creation. Unquiesce issue

  • 24 November 2023
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I have created an Oracle single instance in NDB module. However backup is not working because of failed snapshots. Snapshot operation always fails in Unquiesce database step. 

A little bit more from logs:

Devices file sys_wwid t10.NUTANIX_NFS_2_0_11075_d7c7770b_7488_4d5c_82c8_52b080e12e3e PVID none last seen on /dev/sdd not found.

The machine is running on Oracle Linux 9 and the database version is 19.3C. Any suggestions?


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This issue was addressed through a support case. In our portal, here, you can find the release notes for NDB, the NDB administration guide and also and Nutanix Database Service Database Management Guide for the supported DBs. They contain prerequisites for registering the DBservers and the DBs. In this case, the Oracle DB did not met the requirements as the DATA, Software and OS were all in the same disk. Putting the DBs, OS and DB Software in separated disks allowed the user to taken snapshots.