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  • 13 February 2023
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New to Nutanix. Setting up our new Nutanix cluster that will run VMware as the hypervisor. Is it recommended to create 1 storage container that utilizes all storage capacity for all VMs (150) to reside? I am use to creating multiple datastores in a traditional 3 tier architecture, but i know a lot of those practices go away with hyperconverged.

The main reason I ask is that although we have no plans at this point to use other Nutanix services such as Files or Database, I don’t want to be in a position if I create a storage container for VMware VM’s and assign it all of the capacity and then find out later that I cannot use Nutanix Files because all space was initially given to VMware.

Any recommendations or best practices you can share to ensure I don’t shoot myself in the foot?




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3 replies

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Hello @hhiggins 

Create one storage pool, create 2 storage containers, one with compression, one with compression + dedupe.

@Moustafa Hindawi  how would your answer address my question regarding capacity and future needs?

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Hello @hhiggins 

Nutanix storage containers are created thin provisioned, and also you can reserve capacity for specific container, if you are not sure about future needs, create the containers without reservation. I hope this answered your question.


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