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Hi Team,

           I need clarifications on  the below two points.


  1. If there is a requirement to create storage container capacity usable space as 1TB, which means is to  create 2TB as the advertised capacity in Rf2 based container?
  2. If I create 100GB disk in RF2 container, the unique data  is only 50 GB ?
  3. What are the on-prem requirements to build NC2 on azure ?

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  1. & 2. If you create a 1 TB container in AOS, it will use up to 2 TB of physical space. Of course you can use compression, EC-X and dedupe . RF2 =  two copes of your data.
  1. Seems pretty broad question. To connect to NC2 on Azure, VPN or ExpressRoute. 
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So if I create 100 GB disk means, it can totally occupied 200GB including original and copy. rite ?


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correct but its thin provsioned