Introduction to Nutanix Clusters on AWS

  • 24 September 2020
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Nutanix Clusters provides a single platform that can span private and public clouds but operates as a single cloud using Prism Central enabling true hybrid cloud architecture.



Nutanix Clusters provides on-prem workloads, a home in the cloud, offering native access to available AWS services without requiring you to reconfigure your software.

You use the Nutanix Clusters console to deploy a cluster in a VPC in AWS, and not Foundation. After you launch a Nutanix cluster in AWS by using Nutanix Clusters, you can operate the cluster in the same manner as you operate your on-prem Nutanix cluster with no change in nCLI, the Prism Element and Prism Central web console, and APIs. 

You use the Nutanix Clusters console to create, hibernate, resume, update, and delete your Nutanix cluster.


Following are the key points for running Nutanix cluster on AWS

Runs on the EC2 bare metal instances.following EC2 bare metal instances:

  • z1d.metal

  • m5d.metal

  • i3.metal

  • i3en.metal


Nutanix Clusters stack in AWS includes the following:

  1. VPC in AWS.

  2. Private management subnet.

  3. One or more private subnets for user VMs (UVMs).

When you deploy a Nutanix cluster in AWS by using the Nutanix Clusters console, you can either choose to deploy the cluster in a new VPC and private subnet, or choose to deploy the cluster in an existing VPC and private subnet. 

If you opt to deploy the cluster in a new VPC, during the cluster creation process, the Nutanix Clusters console provisions a new VPC and private subnet for management traffic in AWS.


For details please refer this link

Nutanix cluster on AWS

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