Get Started with Nutanix Cluster on AWS

  • 12 April 2021
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To register for Nutanix Clusters, you must have a My Nutanix account. A My Nutanix account allows you to access, manage, and use Nutanix Clusters. Your My Nutanix account is your first point of access to Nutanix Clusters. After you create a My Nutanix account, you can onboard into Nutanix Clusters either by signing up for one of the paid plans and applying Nutanix licenses at the same time.


You can also start a 30-day free trial of Nutanix Clusters.


Nutanix Clusters Hybrid Subscription Model:

You can sign up for Nutanix Clusters with any one of the payment plans (Pay As You Go or Cloud Commit) and apply Nutanix software licenses (that you might already have purchased or planning to purchase) such as Prism Pro, Files, and more at the same time. If you choose to apply licenses, the licenses are consumed first and then your payment plan falls back to the one you selected. If you do not have licenses or do not plan to purchase licenses, you can simply select one of the payment plans and still use all the Nutanix features. In this case, depending on your payment plan, an invoice is generated for your usage every month.

Note: With your Nutanix Clusters subscription, you can use Nutanix Files upto 1 TB storage for free. If you require more than 1 TB storage, you are charged additionally in your payment plan or you must separately purchase the Files license.



Perform the tasks described in this section to get started with Nutanix Clusters on AWS.

Before you get started, ensure that you have registered for Nutanix Clusters from the My Nutanix portal. See Nutanix Clusters Registration for more information.

After you create a cluster in AWS, set up the network and security infrastructure in AWS and the cluster for your user VMs. See User VM (UVM) Network Management and Security for more information.



For more information on Nutanix Clusters, please visit Nutanix Clusters Guide

For release notes information, please follow Nutanix Clusters on AWS Release Notes

For Nutanix Cluster Architecture information :

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