Nutanix University x My Nutanix SSO not working. Cannot access PSI for taking the Exam

  • 24 September 2023
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Hello all!

I have an exam (NCP-MCI 6.5) in 7 hours from now. Was just checking everything and I for my big surprise I cannot access Nutanix University today (!?).

It was working during the last two weeks without any issues and just today I cannot access, seems that SSO process is failing from Nutanix side. Tested with two different computers and using different web browsers.

Anyone else with problems to access Nutanix University? PSI support is really useless, they say they cannot do anything until the time of the exam (what!??).




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21 replies

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We are seeing intermittent issues with this and are looking into it, is it still a problem for you?

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@JoshuaAndrews thank you for replying.

Unfortunately, it is still not working. I tried it now and got same behavior (empty blank page).

I have recorded the screen to prove it, as I will most likely need a refund. Well, it was a voucher, just need a new one or Nutanix University to assist with PSI so I can rebook without costs.


I have same issue. Can’t login on with ia “My Nutanix Single Sign-On (SSO)”

I have an exam (NCP-MCI 6.5) tomorrow… Anyone else with problems to access Nutanix University?


I also have a 4 days training class begin at tomorrow. I just tried to logon with my account to check the material. The webpage return “blank page” after click on SSO . Please help.

Yep have been trying to sign in since Saturday to do some last minute studying before an exam in a couple days.  Still no luck screen goes blank upon clicking the SSO to sign in.

I had the same issue what posted on this topic. I can’t check and reconfirm my schedule.

I noticed that I didn’t get a mail from PSI for examination information. How can I check my schedule without logging to Nutanix University? And Can I take the examination?

Hi, I have same issue when login with Nutanix SSO, it's happening since Friday. 

Are there any way to reschedule the exam? 

I have email to but still no answer for this case. 

I tried to do below, but I couldn't login to Nutanix University:

 - After changing my password, but I just got blank page.

 - After changing language from English to Japanese, but the issue was happened again.

I can login to My nutanix with changed password. Why?

Same issue, I still cannot access my Nutanix University account using the provided Nutanix SSO Credentials. Tried clearing browser data and trying different browsers, but to no avail.

Hello, does anyone have any news on this problem? Thanks in advance

still facing issues, unable to login, trying to reschedule an exam

same issues here? anyone have an update ?

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We are still working on resolving this with the vendor.   I will update this thread when the fix has been applied.

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This has been resolved.  Please let me know if you continue to see issues.

Hello, I still have the problem (France)

Correction it works, having seen the SSO window I wrote my message too quickly. All you had to do was click on it and have a working login screen. THANKS 

Hello, I tried to change the exam, but the change failed because I could not log in properly.

I can't change it because 24 hours have already passed.

Is it possible to change the exam?

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Please email for support with that.

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​As we all knew it was something with the SSO process.

Things like this happen, but I want to thank @JoshuaAndrews for keeping us informed and providing guidance to those who had still seen issues with the system.

Glad to see how the Nutanix team is engaged with the community!



Hello, No more connection problems on the Univeristy or PSI portal.

I have another request in progress with University support regarding the scheduling of a test. I 'm waiting for an invitation code .

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@jpp , there are (normally) no invite codes.  If you do not see any exams in the dashboard please email and include your username (the email you use for