The migration readiness on Nutanix Move shows ‘Authentication failed’

  • 29 June 2023
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Have anyone seen this one? The migration readiness on Nutanix Move shows ‘Authentication failed’, yet the details of the error are as follows:

Failed to execute guest command: 'C:\Windows\TEMP\vmware74\LoadUserProfile.exe' ExitCode: '1326'

I had tried looking all over Nutanix and the web without results.

I am trying to move a Windows server 2012 (64-bit) machine from ESXi 6.0.0 to a brand-new Nutanix installation with Move 4.8.0. Any help will be highly appreciated!

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3 replies

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What I always do is installing the guest tools with the local admin account. So that uac or other gpo settings are not conflicting my work. 

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I’ve had authentication failure blocks many times with Move, but not the guest command failure you displayed along with it. ESXi 6.0.0 is pretty old (as is 2012 R2 which will be EOL in October)… I’d definitely try to run the move job as local administrator instead of a domain account, possibly reinstall tools first, verify its working properly, that UAC settings are compatible (disabled for local admin) and that you have free space on the local volume so that the profile can fully load. Might even also be worth running a check disk for good measure just in case too. If you’ve done all of that and are still having the same issue I’d check to see if ESXi 6 is supported by Move 4.8 as 6.0 has been EOL for a while now and I’m unsure if the latest Move is fully compatible with it at this point… 6.7+ I’m sure is, but 6.5 and below have been EOL for some time.

do manual preparation, since you are running EOL OS, and ESXI 6.0 which is pretty old itself.
Then migrate your VM.
If this still doesnt work, i would just download the Virtio drivers, install them on the VM and migrate it without preparation.
If the issue is with only one VM, it is not worth it waisiting time and effort.