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  • 17 October 2019
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Nutanix Move is a cross-hypervisor migration solution to migrate VMs with minimal downtime supporting three types of sources for migration:

  • migration of VMs running on an ESXi hypervisor managed by vCenter;
  • migration of EBS backed EC2 instances running on AWS;
  • migration of VMs running on a Hyper-V hypervisor.

Nutanix Move also supports the migration of AWS EC2 VMs to AHV on the Nutanix cluster.

You can perform the following operations with Nutanix Move.

  • Migrate powered on or powered off VMs.

    Note: For AWS, the migration takes place in powered on state. For ESXi, the powered state is retained.

  • Pause and resume migration
  • Schedule migration
  • Schedule data-seeding for the virtual machines in advance and cut over to a new AHV cluster
  • Manage VM migrations between multiple clusters from a single management interface
  • Sort and group VMs for easy migration
  • Monitor details of migration plan execution even at the individual VM level
  • Cancel in-progress migration for individual VMs
  • Migrate all AHV certified OSes (see Supported Guest VM Types for AHV)

For extensive information on Nutanix Move as well as on how to secure your Nutanix Move VMs, change their IP address settings or perform some troubleshooting yourself please refer to Nutanix Move User Guide

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