Nutanix Move 4.6: VM migration from VMware to AHV lacks IP conservation

  • 8 December 2022
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We are moving VMs from an existing Nutanix cluster with VMWare to a new cluster with AHV using Nutanix Move 4.6 (last version). The problem is that for VMs with more than one network adapter in use IPs are not assigned most of the times to network adapters after the first one. This is happening for VMs running Windows 2016 but I have not checked if the same thing happens por Linux or other Windows versions but I bet it does. For this cases, Move configures those interfaces to get their IPs via DHCP.


I read an old post about this behavior but applies to an older version of Nutanix Move (


Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance



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Hello @Jlperezdlp 

ESXi Migration Limitations

In addition to Migration Limitations, following are the limitations for ESXi migration.

  • Migration of 50 VMs in a plan is qualified and supported for ESXi migration.
  • VMs migrated with more than one network interfaces might not retain all the IP addresses.

    Workaround: Manually assign IP addresses after migration.

  • After migration, Windows VMs with connected NICs only will retain their IP address. Those with disconnected NICs will not retain their IP address.
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I had not read that, Moustafa, thanks a lot!