Error during driver install portion of Move

I’m trying to migrate off VMWare and ESXi. During Move preparation of the plan I keep getting this error:

Failed to execute guest command: '/tmp/nutanix_move/vmware326/' ExitCode: 'dracut: installkernel failed in module kernel-modules-extra'.


Move version 5.2.0

Nutanix version pc.2023.3


Anyone run into this and know what the fix is.


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are you receiving this issue on all VMs or specific one (i guess linux based VM).

did you read the compatibility and limitation for the Move 5.2.0 ,if you did not go through it:

login to Move appliance (ssh)and get below log:

#cd /opt/xtract-vm/logs


This is resolved, fixed by running the depmod command on the source VM prior to creating a new plan.