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  • 8 February 2023
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Hello guys,

Nutanix is offering the Mine product integrated with Commvault, however, I do not see a guide in Nutanix Portal, though I found the following guide in the Commvault website:

It describes the steps to install and configure the Mine Plug-in for Commvault. Still, a step-by-step guide procedure is missing to install and configure the entire product (Mine with Commvault). I wonder if someone can help me with that?

>Do I install Commserve manually as a VM? In Mine with Veeam, there is a Foundation Mine with Veeam wizard that orchestrates the installation and configuration.

>Do I create the S3 Object Store manually?

>If I want to externalise the backups on the S3 store to a tape server for example, what about replicating that storage, is that possible?

>Is the NUS Pro license the only license I need for this to work? I also have a few Commvault Backup & Recovery For Virtual Machines, Per VM (10- Pack) licenses.

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