upgrade ESXI without Prism

  • 23 June 2016
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Hello friends, 1)Have somebody upgraded hypervisor(ESXI specially) using prism successfully ? can share some key steps or caution about it ? Because I have no test equipment on hand to verify this. 2)if using prism, and encounter ESXI update failure, Will Nutanix support for ESXI problem ? 3) can upgrade be done via VUM/ESX-CLI(traditional method)only without PRISM ? thanks.

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3 replies

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1) Yes, I've seen this done on literally hundreds of nodes, it works well. This is documented in our product documentation around vSphere updates, but honestly, just follow the GUI.

Be sure to be using AOS 4.6.1 or 4.6.2, as both of them have some key updates around the GUI for ESXi patching

2) yes

3) Yes, but since its all built into Prism, that is really not needed
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Sounds great. Nutanix provides indeed a unified management interface.
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Hi guys, i want to try the esxi upgrade by prism on my production environment, 6 nodes with stretch cluster on two nutanix metro cluster.Next week i've scheduled a webbed with the Italian support, but I've just updated the center manually