Scaling out Prism Central from Small to Large or from small to X-Large




Installing Prism Central (1-Click Internet)

When I deploy PC, then there is an option, as either:

  • Small
  • Large
  • X-Large

When I selected small. Then I get 1.VM with “6 vCPUs, 26 GB of memory, and 500 GiB of storage.”

I deploy it. And after there is an option to “Scale out PC”. I can scale out to 3-VM, so I get 3x “6 vCPUs, 26 GB of memory, and 500 GiB of storage.”


But my question is, can I scale out from Small to Large as well ?

And also from Small to X-Large..?

Or I need drop my PC to achieve that..?


I am new to nutanix. And I would like to know, which is the best approach for later on, when there is a need to expand.

Also, as I have read, the Flow Virtual Networking requires “Advanced Networking”, which needs X-Large deployments.

We might need that option later on. So I want to know, should I need to create X-Large deployment now, or can I change it later on.







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Hello @raulk89 

I don’t know supported way to scale-In PC, however, if you need to scale-in the PC, you can deploy a new one with the new size and register your clusters to it.

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we have scale out PC many times but still it is not working well


Nutanix support will help you. There is no documentation for that.