What is Nutanix Volumes?

  • 14 April 2021
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Volumes acts as one or more targets for client Windows or Linux operating systems running on a bare metal server or as guest VMs using iSCSI initiators. Do not use Volumes to create an iSCSI datastore to Hyper-V or ESXi hosts. This configuration is not supported.

The iSCSI data services IP acts as an iSCSI target discovery portal and initial connection point. The client only needs this single IP address to help load balance storage requests and provide path optimization in the cluster, preventing bottlenecks.

Enable Nutanix Volume

  1. Get the client IP address that you will add to a volume group client whitelist.

  2. Create an iSCSI data services IP address for the Nutanix cluster. This address cannot be the same as the cluster virtual IP address.

  3. Provision storage on the Nutanix cluster by creating a volume group consisting of one or more vDisks.

  4. Perform an iSCSI target discovery of the Nutanix cluster from the clients.

  5. [Optional] Configure CHAP or Mutual CHAP authentication on the initiators and target Nutanix clusters.

Create a Volume Group

  1. Login to Prism element

  2. Go to Storage and click the Volume group button. Create Volume Group dialog box is displayed


3.Fill in the details like name, iSCSI Target Name prefix which is auto-filled with the volume group Name and add description for volume group

4.Add one or more disks to volume group

What to do next

Add the iSCSI initiators to the volume group and enable client access to the cluster storage.


For further information on Nutanix Volumes please refer to following documents

Nutanix Volumes


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