Vmotion and ESXi MGMT VLANS are different, CVM should have which VLAN?

  • 28 August 2014
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Hello All,

One of our customers decided to have Vmotion and ESXi MGMT on different VLANS and they will split the 10G connections. So for this kind of setup, which VLAN should CVM be in? Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you so much...

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2 replies

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The easiest way to do it is to keep the ESXi management interface and the CVM public interface on the same VLAN. Also be sure to check out the vSphere Networking Best Practice guide on the Nutanix portal - it's got lots of great tips and details.
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Hello Jh,

Even though MGMT and CVM are on the same network, I get an error saying that the hypervisor and CVM are on different network. I'm a little bit confused about it. Do you have any recommendation?

Your help is appreciated...