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  • 6 March 2016
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Hi ,
I would like to know how can I access the new created VM (windows 2008R2) running on AHV platform? is there aVM console in the prism to view the OS and enable the remote access?Is nutanix require any tool to be installed on VM OS like vmwaretools to in vmware platform ?


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3 replies

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Hi rami,

Yes, AHV has a VM console for each VM. When you login to Prism, click the main drop-down menu at the top-left and select "VM".

From there, you can change to "Table" view, click the VM you want to look at, then select the "Launch Console" button. The Launch Console button is about halfway down the screen, just above the graphs for CPU usage, etc.

VMs on AHV do not require guest tools to be installed in order for the VM console to function.

Hope that helps!
- ChrisRNutanix
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Just remember that the console is not working fine in every browser...

See the remark below, it is from the documentation
Note: A VNC client may not function properly on all browsers. Some keys are not recognized when the browser is Chrome. (Firefox typically works best.)

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is there anyway to connect VNC console client to the Prism UI to retrieve VM console access?