Upgrading Calm VM with Lifecycle Manager at a Dark Site

  • 10 January 2022
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By default, Life Cycle Manager (LCM) automatically fetches updates from a pre-configured URL. If LCM fails to access the configured URL to fetch updates, you can configure the LCM to fetch updates locally to upgrade Calm and Epsilon.

Perform the following procedure to upgrade Calm and Epsilon at a dark site.

Ensure that the LCM version is 2.3 or above.


  1. Set up a local web server that is reachable to your Calm VMs.
    You will use this server to host the LCM repository.

  2. Use the following steps to set up your LCM repository:

    • From a device that has public Internet access, go to the Nutanix portal and select Downloads > Calm.

    • Next to the LCM Dark Site Calm on ESX Bundle entry, click Download to download the latest LCM framework tar file, lcm_dark_site_bundle_version.tgz.

    • Transfer the framework tar file to your local web server.

    • Extract the framework tar file into the release directory.
      The following files are extracted into the release directory.

      • master_manifest.tgz

      • master_manifest.tgz.sign

      • modules

      • nutanix_compatibility.tgz

      • nutanix_compatibility.tgz.sign

      • support.csv

      • support.md

  3. From a device that has public Internet access, go to the Nutanix portal and select Downloads > Calm. Choose the required version and download Nucalm-X.X.X.X.ZIP and Epsilon-X.X.X.X.Zip tar files.
    X.X.X.X represents the Calm and Epsilon versions.

  4. Transfer Nucalm-X.X.X.X.ZIP and Epsilon-X.X.X.X.Zip tar files to your local web server and extract the files into local directory release.
    After you extract and save the files in the release folder, you can view the following files.

    • Nucalm-X.X.X.X.Zip

      • release/builds/calm-builds/x.x.x.x/metadata.json

      • release/builds/calm-builds/x.x.x.x/metadata.sign

      • release/builds/calm-builds/x.x.x.x/nucalm.tar.gz

    • Epsilon-X.X.X.X.Zip

      • release/builds/epsilon-builds/x.x.x.x/metadata.json

      • release/builds/epsilon-builds/x.x.x.x/metadata.sign

      • release/builds/epsilon-builds/x.x.x.x/epsilon.tar.gz

  5. From a device that has public Internet access, go to the Nutanix portal and select Downloads > Calm. Download nutanix_compatibility.tgz and nutanix_compatibility.tgz.sign tar files.

  6. Transfer the compatibility tar files to your local web server and replace the files in the /release folder.

  7. Replace the existing compatibility files with the new files.

  8. Log on to Prism Central.

  9. On the LCM page, click Settings.

  10. In the Source field, select Local web server.

  11. In the URL field, enter the path to the directory where you extracted the tar file on your local server. Use the format http://webserver_IP_address/release.

  12. Click Save.
    You return to the Life Cycle Manager.

  13. Select Inventory in the LCM sidebar and click Perform Inventory.

  14. Update the LCM framework before trying to update any other component.
    The LCM sidebar now shows the LCM framework with the same version as the LCM dark site bundle you downloaded.


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