Strange Foundation process

  • 22 July 2016
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Hi everyone,
I imaged a nutanix cluster these days, and found strange phenomena.
I found many error key words in foundation node log, but imaging showed successful finally.
I clicked "retry imaging failed nodes with last config" many times, after some node failed, and it succeed.
I`d like to know why it failed and succeed after just retry.

also the foundation process tab showed 3 node failed at 78%, and the node log showed it`s finished !
and after retry, it`s 100%.

I`m very worried about if it`s truly successful and there`s potential risks.

p.s my environment: Foundation 3.1.1, AOS 4.6.1, ESXI5.5U3D,NX-1065-G4


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Export the logs and file a support ticket, and we'll help get to the bottom of this.
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Hello, Jon
I have filed a support case for foundation imageing problem as well as many errors from prism I found after AOS installation.