Self Service Portal - Take SnapShots

  • 15 June 2017
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Hi there,

I don't seem to be able to see any way of letting SSP users take Snapshots of VMs. Is this something that is possible?



9 replies

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This is not possible for an SSP user to do in the current release. This is a common request and is a roadmap item for SSP.

Today it would still require an admin to do in Prism or someone to automate via API, PowerShell, etc
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Are you able to provide any update on where this feature request is on the roadmap? Looking at the SSP within 5.5 I still don't seem to be able to find this feature yet.

Performing this through PowerShell or an API call is possible for us but ideally I'd like this to be restricted to VMs that are allocated to a specific team within SSP.

Many thanks

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I'm on 5.9. Does anyone know if this has yet been added back to 5.10?
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This is not in 5.10. It was supposed to, but my understanding is that it was moved to a later release. Its a huge issue for my dev team.

I'm working to automate this based on API/PS Cmdlets.
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For those reading this without much Nutanix experience, this is a common theme. They promise a feature in version a, but you won't actually see it until version f. We bought Nutanix, in part, because they "had software based encryption-at-rest" in version 5.0. It didn't show up until 5.9, almost a year later. I blame the fact that they are focusing on acquisitions and integrating those products, instead of working on core functionality. Yes, AHV is STILL missing Storage vMotion between Containers, a basic feature.

I digress. I was considering looking into API/PS, but hopeful I wouldn't need to.

Does anyone know of a script repository? I haven't search through the community forums, yet. I don't like reinventing the wheel. So something to get me started would be great.

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One of the advantages of the Self-Service Portal is limiting administrative access. Do the Roles and other security apply to the WebUI only or do they apply to PowerShell? I don't want to build scripts and deploy the PowerShell module if it grants Full Access to Prism and All VMs.
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I look forward to this as well... as well as other features related to users managing their own VM's.
Say mounting an ISO to CD - Adding a disk from the catalog - and limiting catalog items to specific projects...
Hope to see improvements very soon to SSP, it has been around for a long time, and hardly improved at all...


I’m just trying to deploy this solution for my DEV and support team and I’m suprise to found a lack of basic features (clone, mount a cdom (??!))

SSP was an argument for buying Nutanix one year ago. I’m really disappointed.

Does anyone have a roadmap with the future features ? 

An ehancement regarding quotas would be that it’s only applied for running VM and no for provisionned resources. Today, my dev team has a standalone VMware with maybe 40 VM but only 10 running. I cannot satisfied them with SSP.

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Don’t hold your breath.  I’ve been promised “in the next release” so much by Nutanix that I have stopped asking.  I have complained for years about basic functionality missing (still no storage vMotion between Containers).  Nutanix has been focused on acquisitions and adding shiny new features and not with keeping up core functions.  Any feature you rely on today will eventually be abandoned for something new.  Prism Central is a mess.  Have you noticed that tech support almost never uses it?  Play around with the API and you will learn a lot about the mess and reasons why things are the way they are.


Also, we were likewise sold on functionality that did not exist.  It took 2 years before reality met with marketing/sales on features we needed on day one.

Don’t be surprised if SSP is completely disabled in a future release.  Look at the release notes, they are still trying to get the image store working.  Every major upgrade, I have to completely rebuilt it.


Nutanix does some really good stuff, but they also fail miserably on some rudimentary stuff.  They sell you the engine, the wheels will be shipped with next release.