Replacing upcoming EOL hardware process

  • 9 March 2023
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My 3 node cluster consiting of 1065-G5 nodes is coming EOL this year.  I will be replacing the hardware with a NX-3360N-G8 cluster.  What is the recommended workflow for replacing the hardware?  One thing to note is the current cluster is licensed with Prism Pro and the new one will be licensed with Starter as I’m not using all the features in Prism Pro.

Is the replacement as easy as expanding the cluster one node at a time, migrating the workloads and then removing the old cluster?  Will there be any hiccups with difference in licensing?


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Hi there!

Take a look at this -


Nutanix happy to support G8s and G5’s together in a cluster. 


There’s some other bits to take into account about SSDs/HDDs so give that link a good check through.


Licensing wise I don’t personally think there will be a problem, it’ll moan about licensing being in violation during the replacement but should settle down afterwards. 





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Hello @JarvisMeier 

As Kim said you can mix G5 with G8 in one cluster, however, I guess the earliest way is to build new cluster with G8 to avoid matching hypervisor and AOS versions, then migrate VMs using Nutanix Move.

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I’ve done this months ago, and I’m glad to have migrated all VMs from G5 cluster to a separate, freshly imaged G7 cluster. This way we got rid of any legacy configurations (vswitch bridge naming convention, just to name one) that may have prevailed on G5 in the course of numerous AOS and AHV upgrades.

Move was not AHV-to-AHV capable at that time though, and I had to set up ansyc DR to migrate the VMs over. Using DR instead of Move may still be more straightforward, as I reckon in your case no conversion will have to be carried out on the VMs at all. 

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