Re-Image Cluster with Phoenix

  • 22 September 2020
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I’ve just reimagined a block with 4 nodes (NX-1065-G4) to use in our lab using Phoenix image (created following this article

I’m using ESXi 7.0.0 build 15843807 and NOS 5.15.2. Hypervisor and CVMs have been correctly installed (following this but CVM does not have an IP configured. 

I’ve tried to configure CVM IP using “external_ip_reconfig” scripts but i get an error:


How can i configure CVMs’ IP?

Note: i’ve used Phoneix because Foundation failed several times with a “dependencies” error.

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2 replies

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If the cluster is not yet created you can follow Manually Configuring CVM IP Addresses.

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Hello iNiko,


If you are imaging the new nodes (freshly installing hypervisor and cvm), you need to select option 2 (Install CVM (Wipes Existing Data!) and Install, Configure Hypervisor)in the document you mentioned.


No other actions need to be done. Also, I see the IP at the prompt. Is this not the IP address of the CVM you are expecting?