Quick tip: how to deploy a VM from an OVF to AHV

  • 31 October 2019
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You have a nice OVF or an OVA image and you are ready to deploy that virtual appliance to AHV. There is just one more step required. Well, maybe more than one.


It is not possible to import OVA and OVF files to AHV. Extraction of the files of the image as well as upload of the VMDK files is required prior to deployment.

Please follow instructions provided in KB-3621 AHV: Import OVA and OVF image

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3 replies

Well, I don’t want to be overly critical here, but… this really sucks!

I am just starting a migration of 50+ VMs from a Citrix XenServer pool and the situation is like this:

  1. There is no XenServer2AHV converter tool!
  2. AHV doesn’t even support a way to import OVF files!!! Or any other, in fact! I need to export machines to OVF, then figure out which file is which, import each of them separatelly and manually into AHV, manually create VMs and connect the disks!

Come on, guys! This is not an enterprise oriented solution!

Nutanix PRISM Central Web Console → Compute & Storage → OVAs



Is there any point in having an OVA in the first place if you have to extract everything and then add the add the .vmdks separately to a to a new vm?

I'm just about to start doing this and it sounds a bit tedious. Im just migrating machines over from vmware, but I don't have access to the old cluster anymore- I would have liked to test the in place migration.

I have a bunch of vmware vms as OVF (folders with .vmx, .vmdk, etc...)

It seems that all one would  use the unzipped ova for is to confirm the details of the VM I had previously (in the settings) before I create my new one :)

I'm obviously missing something-
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