Prism Central 2021.1 oddities?

  • 16 February 2021
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Hi All

I have a couple of oddities going on, one is an ongoing and one was post latest PC2021. update.


I was getting warnings that I was using the CVM default password so I chnaged it, it is supposed to replicate to the other CVMs but i get a health alert saying the remaining CVMs are still using the default password - any ideas why?


And post PC update, i can log in using ssh but I can’t login to the web UI - I get the login screen , but after I enter username and password (not default) I get “server not available”  I have run health checks and idf checks and all seem to PASS - is there a bug in the latest PC Patch?  Just to note I can log into Prism Element with my name and password ok.


Thanks in advance.


2 replies

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Hello Eric,

Thank you so much for posting your question.
Here’s a quick KB you can use to verify which commands need to be used:


Let me know if this helped.



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Hi Erik,

You receive the health alert but did you check if the password was reset? As in is the alert a true positive and the password change was not propagated?

As per the PC UI log in, are you logging in with a local account or an AD account? If it’s an AD account is the log in failing for you only or other accounts are affected as well? I assume since you mentioned, that the username and password are not default that we’re talking about a local account but I thought I’d check anyway.