Prism Central 2021.1 oddities?

  • 16 February 2021
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Hi All

I have a couple of oddities going on, one is an ongoing and one was post latest PC2021. update.


I was getting warnings that I was using the CVM default password so I chnaged it, it is supposed to replicate to the other CVMs but i get a health alert saying the remaining CVMs are still using the default password - any ideas why?


And post PC update, i can log in using ssh but I can’t login to the web UI - I get the login screen , but after I enter username and password (not default) I get “server not available”  I have run health checks and idf checks and all seem to PASS - is there a bug in the latest PC Patch?  Just to note I can log into Prism Element with my name and password ok.


Thanks in advance.


5 replies

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Hello Eric,

Thank you so much for posting your question.
Here’s a quick KB you can use to verify which commands need to be used:


Let me know if this helped.



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Hi Erik,

You receive the health alert but did you check if the password was reset? As in is the alert a true positive and the password change was not propagated?

As per the PC UI log in, are you logging in with a local account or an AD account? If it’s an AD account is the log in failing for you only or other accounts are affected as well? I assume since you mentioned, that the username and password are not default that we’re talking about a local account but I thought I’d check anyway.



I am having a related problem with PC admin account. I am trying to deploy PC for the first time and the admin password (either default or the one I set for PE) is not allowing me to deploy. I check the KB in the section ‘The Prism Element and Prism Central 'admin' and 'nutanix' Accounts’ and there are no instructions for changing the PC password if you forget it. 

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Hi Bob,


These are the instructions to change the PC  nutanix password

For the Prism Central local 'nutanix' user account:

  1. SSH into the Prism Central VM.
  2. Log in as user 'nutanix' with the default credentials.
  3. Enter the below command:        
    nutanix@pcvm$ sudo passwd nutanix
  4. Follow the prompts to enter a new password for the local 'nutanix' user.

Hope this helps



According to the Prism Central Guide I have (V5_19), on page 45, step 6, the username is admin and the password is admin. I can connect to the VM web console with the nutanix username and default password, but cannot connect with the admin user id. PC registration will not accept the nutanix user name and default password. 

I have tried many different user names and passwords, including the Prism Elements admin user and password, and every time I try to connect I get the ‘invalid user name or password’ message.