Phoenix Installation Directly on a Node

  • 25 January 2023
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Hello Ma’am and Sir,

Does anybody tried installing or imaging a single node using phoenix? please i need some help/procedure for this as I can’t access the links given in this page it only shows “Not Found or Fordbidden”: Appendix: Imaging A Node (Phoenix) | Nutanix Community…...specifically in “Installing the Controller VM and Hypervisor by using Phoenix” and “Imaging Bare Metal Nodes”…..

I created bootable phoenix using USB then i am now in the root@phoenix but I bet it requires some commands to push but have no idea on the commands and theres no search result in the internet regarding that


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10 replies

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It is much easier to foundation the single node with the correct versions.  

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im installing AOS version on a 2 node cluster but it ends up in the result says “Warning skipping <ImagingStepRAIDCheckPhoenix(<NodeConfig(IP) because dependencies not met, failed task: [<ImagingStepInitIPMI(<NodeConfig(IP)>)]” so now Im resorting on phoenix imaging 1 node at a time but i dunno the next steps when i reach root@phoenix

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it's like the issue in here: AOS installation failed with error "Failed to register internal hypervisor" and "because dependencies not met" | Nutanix Community

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Yeah, I had to do this recently because I couldn't use Foundation.

Did you generate the Phoenix ISO, including the hypervisor image etc.?

You shouldn't land at a prompt, it should boot into an installer.

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hmmm i just downloaded and tried Phoenix ISO only both from the portal and generated version but ends up in the prompt, sorry, so i need to use phoenix ISO and ahv ISO at the same time in 1 bootable usb drive? pls guide me.

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Aha, I suspect that's the problem, I don't think you have the AOS and hypervisor baked in.

Take a look at this, ignore it being Lenovo 

How to create a Phoenix ISO or AHV ISO from a Controller VM for the ThinkAgile HX Series

You're after the command that includes the AHV and AOS bits. You can do this from the foundation VM on a laptop etc. to make the ISO, then boot from it on your host.

It's discouraged as Jeroen said because foundation is easier, but occasionally, we have to do these things :)

I'll be in my office in a few hours time if you need step by step commands :)

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thanks much for this @Kcmount  will check this out once get back to the office

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No worries :) 

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Hello @Kcmount actually the HW model is Supermicro SYS-6029P-TR but its not validated by Nutanix itself as it wasn’t came from Nutanix validation and Hardware test. is there any implication with regards to that?

BTW I haven’t tested the commands you gave to me yet but will update you once I do. thanks much sir!

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Hey, not sure if it will work but its worth a try :)