ovs setup problem

  • 1 September 2020
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In our environment, eth2,3,4,5 is assigned to br0. The bonding policy uses active-backup and the current active interface is eth2.

I want to leave only eth2,3 in br0 with the following command while the cluster is online.
allssh manage_ovs --bridge_name br0 --bond_name br0-up --interfaces eth2,eth3 update_uplinks

1. Is it possible to proceed without stopping the cluster?
2. What if I need to stop the cluster?

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3 replies

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Hi its, recommend putting host and CVM into maintenance mode prior to doing any changes to avoid downtime.


Refer this Guide





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Basically the manage_ovs command will recreate the bond interface so you might get the link down in 1 or 2 seconds. What the “recreate” means is that it will delete the current bond interface and then add the uplinks to a newly created bond interface based on the parameters you provide.

So my recommendation is that you should put the host into maintenance mode before doing anything relates to network configuration.