Nutanix TOR Switch Spec

  • 2 August 2022
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Is there any specific requirement port speed on TOR Switch for Nutanix Cluster running NVME + SSD storage? Is still good running 10Gb Switch to cover NVME + SSD performance? Thanks


Best answer by JeroenTielen 2 August 2022, 14:15

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Here you can find the best practices for the network configuration: Network Configuration Best Practices

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Hi @JeroenTielen

Thanks for your information...but my concern is more about specification of TOR Switch to maximize performance of Nutanix Storage using NVME + SSD. Is it enough using 10Gb switch or must use more than 10Gb like 25Gb/100Gb? Thanks 

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Best practices is to use the Leaf and Spine setup. And the TOR swichtes must be seen as the Leaf switches. 

A picture is worth a thousend words ;) 



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Hi Hendra, I don’t think there is any requirement to use anything greater than 10G for a Nutanix deployment even where NVMe is used.  You may want to consider faster if you think the network could introduce unwanted latency, but this will depend on the nature of the workloads.