NGT Series | Silent Install NGT on Windows VM

  • 28 October 2019
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Have multiple Windows VMs running in your environment and want to install Nutanix Guest Tools silently in the Windows VM?

You can absolutely do it with a little help from Nutanix and the power of automation scripts

So how can you achieve this?
There are two methods

  •  If you are a nerd techy, you can write a custom script using silent installer package.
  •  If writing scripts giving you chills, we still have a procedure to install NGT silently with reduced clicks.


  • Go to command prompt and browse to the drive where NGT is mounted
  • Execute the following command

drive:\> setup.exe /quiet ACCEPTEULA=yes /norestart


Use this command to ensure that VMs are not restarted after installing NGT. Note that if you use this command driver will not be updated. You need to manually restart the VMs to update the drivers.



drive:\> setup.exe /quiet ACCEPTEULA=yes


If you use this command, VMs are restarted and drivers are automatically updated.

Want to see the logs?

In Event Viewer and in the %TEMP% directory starting with Nutanix_Guest_Tools_timestamp

Words of caution:


  •  On AHV, VMs might get restarted depending on the command that you use to install NGT by using the silent installer. You can use any of the following commands for ESXi as VMs running on ESXi are not affected.
  •  If Nutanix VM mobility driver version gets upgraded on AHV for Windows VMs during the silent installation process, then the VM will be restarted automatically after the NGT installation completes.

Confused regarding the procedure and want to know more?

Give the following documentation a read
NGT Silent Windows Install

Have doubts or queries regarding NGT?

Drop a comment below and we will engage in a conversation or I will write a new post based on your query
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