NGT Compatibility for Rocky Linux

  • 7 July 2023
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Is there an ETA for when NGT will add Rocky Linux support?


This Reddit thread from August 2021 is the only reference I could find online suggesting that Rocky NGT support was being worked on.


The NGT compatibility matrix lists Rocky as one of the OS vendors, but there are no approved OS yet.  


Alma Linux (the other RHEL clone project) is already listed in the compatibility matrix, so I assume the delay in adding Rocky is not a technical one.


Here’s what happens if I try to install NGT on a Rocky VM:

rootin nutanixngt/installer/linux via 🐍 v3.6.8                                                              
➜ ./ -h
Platform type is: x86_64
Unsupported distribution : rocky linux
ERROR: Failed to install Nutanix Guest Tools. Check /tmp/ngt_install_log_20230707123201.txt  for logs.

➜ cat /tmp/ngt_install_log_20230707123201.txt
[2023-07-07 12:32:03] {} ERROR - Unsupported distribution : rocky linux





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If this VM is a production one, then you need to contact Nutanix support for more details and if there is an work around won’t affect your production VM. If it’s a test VM, give it a try.

According to Nutanix support, NGT support for Rocky is expected to be added with AOS 6.7 which is expected to be released September 2023.