New Cluster - AOS Storage only shows "Physical" view - not logical available

  • 10 June 2024
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Morning All,


I’ve just commissioned a new cluster using AOS in an air-gapped environment.


Prism Element and Prism Central only shows storage in “physical” capacity and usage etc. I’d ideally like the logical view available also, anyone seen this before, is there an easy fix?


Thanks in advance


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5 replies

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Release notes for 6.8 cover this change off - 


One to get head around I think!

Thanks for that - I checked the manual but didn’t think to check the release notes! (school boy error)

That's really going to take some getting used to, can understand the reasoning that they give, guess I need to get used to it fast now :)



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Me too :)

Hi @MadAsToast this behavior is expected for AOS 6.8.x.

It was intentional move to stop causing confusion coming from the meaning of the logical usage on container/pool level.

Thanks for the reply.