Network Visualization with Cisco Nexus 9K Switches

  • 21 May 2019
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Hello ... can anyone provide feedback on getting Network Visualization working with Cisco Nexus 9K Switches. The Nexus Series is on the Supported Switch list, but I've had a ticket open with Support for weeks and we can't get it working.

LLDP is enabled globally on the 9K, and I can populate the 9K switch info into Prism just fine. The issue is I can't get any port data. Nutanix Support is saying the issue is by default the "port-id-subtype" is set "locally-assigned", and it needs to be changed to "interface-name". The 9Ks are in ACI-Mode, not NX-OS, and no one seems to know how or where the change is made. Has anyone gotten this setup to work? Here are some pics from my environment. Thanks!

0 replies

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